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Quite possibly my favorite project to date.

Look at these beautiful throw pillows.  I made them from Patty Young’s Andalucia line.  OMG I just adore them.  French seams inside (of course), envelope closure across the back.  16″ pillow forms fit perfectly.  I don’t want to sell them.


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market tote

Another project from last week was a simple market bag with petal tie handles.  I modified a Pink Fig pattern and made this super cute, roomy, reversible tote.  I used two of my favorite Art Gallery fabrics.  I really should consider carrying that line.

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gearing up!

I have been torn whether or not to participate in this years Quaker Arts festival.  I did it last year and it was fun, but it is a lot of work.  Seeing as how I am in the midst of launching I am concerned about stretching myself too thin (oh, and there is the matter of the 5 kids I chase around all day). 

I decided that if I could make 5 projects a week, for the next 6 weeks, I would have enough to sell.  So, my plan was to post each daily project, but that didn’t work, so now I have five (5!) projects to show you.  Hold on tight folks, we’re going for a ride (really, I can’t say that with a straight face, this is sewing we are talking about it isn’t that exciting).

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My sewing room

Many people have asked me how on earth I manage to sew and create with 5 young children at home.  It definetly helps that I send the 3 oldest off to camp until 2:30.  I won’t reveal my whole studio here, because I am in the process of redoing it to make room for, oh, 27 bolts of fabric and I have a whole post planned around that.  But, here is a picture of my supervisor. 

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Oh these look like so much fun!

The Melly & Me patterns arrived today.  I am having a very hard time deciding whether or not I should sell them all.  I won’t be able to list them all tonight, but here are some thumbnails of the ones I am stocking.  How CUTE are these!  If you want one, you can get it here!

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Here’s what is tough…

I, obviously, only have limited start up funding to stock baby peas fabric.  Pattern selection wasn’t too tough and I think I got a great variety stocked now.  Fabrics are a whole other ball o’ wax.  Each textile house represents a number of designers that I LOVE.  Amy Butler, Sandi Henderson, Patty Young, Paula Prass, Heather Bailey…the list goes on and on.  Each designer has several lines on the market, each line has several patterns, each pattern comes in several colors.  How on earth do I begin to choose? 

Hey, if anyone actually reads this who is a fabric type person, tell me your favorite designers.

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real quick, because it is getting late


No fabric, just patterns, and even those have not all arrived yet.  But it is getting there, one step at a time.

I know that the header is stupid on the site, and it is not the crisp, clean navigation and cross selling that I envisioned, but for now it’s a start.

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