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how not to make a reversible pinafore

I am in love with french seams, I use them on everything.  It takes a little extra time, but you just can’t beat the finished product.  That being said, today I tackled a reversible pinafore.  I would like to make a bunch of them to bring to Quaker Arts and today was my first attempt.

I guess I just wasn’t thinking because I started to make french seams with this dress.  French seams in a reversible dress, which has no exposed seams to begin with, is pretty much just dumb.  Further, it causes too much fabric to be turned in the curves that are a part of this style.  I don’t know why I kept sewing it since I realized as soon as I did the first part that the seams weren’t going to work.  Then it got to the point where I thought “hmm, maybe I can pass these wrinkles in the arm and neckline off as pintuck pleats“.  HA!  get a load of these pictures! 

I will have a do-over tomorrow and will post the much better results.


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